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Vendors We Love


Check for updates on our vendor list- so that you can see all of the wonderful things they provide us!  *Vendor Links and more...

Special Orders


Special Orders don't upset us! Everyone loves something special...  we will post items and you can pre order here !

Shipping & Curbside Pick-Up


In a hurry?  Want to share with a special friend?  Let us know how we can help you!   Kids in the car?  Just call ahead to order and we will do everything we can to make your shopping trip easy! 

Loudoun Va Made & Grown


We are proud to offer Fine Foods, Farm Fresh Products and Gift Items from our many  Local Vendors...  Shop Local.   

Updates and Info


We Love-  "Love" and Coffee!  

So our buying team has purchased many cute gifts and goodies for  everyday and Special days too! 

Treat your Special Sweetie to Coffee for here or to go! Candy, cakes, cupcakes, soaps, signs, pottery, plants, wonderful frozen meats or maybe a sub or sandwich from our deli!     

Maybe make a neighbor smile today! 

Love  "Love" with us at RHLG!   

ABC OFF Information ------------ -WE ID = EVERYONE-


We ID ... just pass the word if you are stopping by the store to shop--- WE ID EVERYONE that is asking to purchasing Alcohol & Tobacco Products.  

We care about the community and want  help to maintain the responsible use of alcohol/tobacco products.